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Dive into a world of whimsy with our ‘Seaside Mermaid Dog Flower Basket,’ a delightful creation that combines the charm of canine companionship with the enchantment of the sea, now with free same-day delivery from Floral Concepts in Houston, TX. This enchanting arrangement features a floral dog adorned with a graceful tail and a whimsical seashell collar, transforming it into a mermaid companion ready to bring seaside magic to any space. Paired with a selection of fresh blooms reminiscent of ocean hues and coastal beauty, the ‘Seaside Mermaid Dog Flower Basket’ is a charming ode to the wonders of the deep blue. Whether adorning a beach-themed event or brightening someone’s day with a touch of coastal whimsy, this unique arrangement is sure to make waves and create lasting memories. Let Floral Concepts be your guide to an underwater adventure with our ‘Seaside Mermaid Dog Flower Basket,’ because sometimes, the best treasures are found in the depths of imagination.

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Dimensions 11 × 8 × 13 m